Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Animal Farm ' By George Orwell

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Composers use literature to educate us about the world in which we live; The Matrix, a film by the Wachowski brothers warns of the dangers of over relying on technology and in contrast, Animal Farm, a novella by George Orwell uses an allegory to describe what can happen when power corrupts. Both of these texts have many themes and motifs in common, such as: the corruption of power, minorities controlling the masses and appearance vs reality. These themes help us learn about the world we live in and society in general, as many of these themes can be seen in our daily lives.
Firstly, minorities controlling the masses is an ever present motif in both of these texts. In Animal Farm, the pigs have utter control and dominance over the other ignorant and naive animals as they have the superior intelligence, they use this to their advantage in the novella by changing the commandments to suit their needs, whether it be to execute animals, or to sleep in a comfier bed. The initial commandment “No animals shall sleep in a bed” is written by the pigs as they think of it as a tie to being like man. But when the commandment is changed when Napoleon is caught sleeping in a bed, the commandment is changed to “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets”, the animals blame it on their bad memory, but the commandments were changed by the minority (the pigs). This is much like the Russian revolution, which the book is based upon, Stalin’s government takes rule over the masses as they are in…

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