Animal Farm Compare And Contrast Animal Farm

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Register to read the introduction… In the story, the leaders of their communist like society, abuse their authority and in their end the pigs fall from power and ends with a devastating effect. This aspect of the story symbolizes human violence in the today’s culture. In the book the different animal species get separated into social groups according to their intelligence and education. For example in the book the leader of the rebellion are the pigs while the chickens get treated like slaves to the rest. One lesson that is taught in Animal Farm that how the Pigs abused their power to be controlling over the other animals. Throughout the book the pigs became used their smarts to manipulate the others to get to the top. This was greatly expressed through the eyes of two major characters, Snowball and Napolean. When Old Major dies, the pigs, seized power as nobles in comparison, and placed every animal on the farm into unfair social classes. Also in the book they follow they’re social class orders according to the Seven Commandments written by Snowball. This was their set of laws that were forced upon the animals of the farm. One of the laws said was, “four legs good, two legs bad.” (p.51) This line from the Seven Commandments instances the books many examples of propagandizing, which Orwell uses to point out the way the pigs abuse their power …show more content…
It can also be related to imperialism during the Industrial
Revolution of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Imperialism was the act of a more powerful country controlling the lesser and less educated people of poorer countries for their resources. For example the occupation of the British in India in the early 20th century in which they used the Indian population for work force because of their ever growing population. The lessons in the book can easily be continued today because injustice and inequality is constantly shown in today’s culture, but it shows that a great power will not last if it abuses it authority and if it does not respect its

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