Realism And Materialism In The Wachowski Brothers The Matrix

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There is no Spoon The debate between idealism and materialism is an interesting aspect of philosophy and this debate has been visualised in many movies such as The Wachowski Brothers’ The Matrix (1999). The movie questions reality and an argument that can be identified from the movie is that the mind is the only thing that exists; the body and all things material, are illusions of the mind and therefore their existence can be questioned.
According the Morpheus, the Matrix is a computer-generated dream world that can be described as a dream from which one cannot awake. It is able to control all aspects of the environment, as the Matrix is everywhere and functions as a screen that hides the real world from everyone. Morpheus sums it up as “a
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Yet it does not guarantee the absolute truth as the pill is designed to wake one up from the Matrix, not to provide information about what is actually real. It is still possible for them to be believing in a false reality because their brain is being overwhelmed by evidence attained through the senses, while the mind is subconsciously trying to relay the truth and is what makes experiences and surroundings real. After the jump program, Neo states “I thought [the Matrix] wasn 't real”, to which Morpheus replies, “Your mind makes it real” (The Wachowski Brothers & Silver, 1999, Scene 60). As seen in the movie, if one believes in something enough, it becomes hard for one to differentiate it from reality, showing the power held by the …show more content…
This confused state of reality is often brought up by Agent Smith in the movie, for example he says “this reality, whatever you want to call it, I can 't stand it any longer. It 's the smell, if there is such a thing” (The Wachowski Brothers & Silver, 1999, Scene 147). Smith is part of the software, yet even he is not sure of the state of reality that exists in and outside of the Matrix. Since the software of the Matrix is human-made, it consists of the limits that humans cannot break free off, namely the inability of finding the absolute

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