Struggle, Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm, By George Orwell

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The book we have read is Animal Farm written by George Orwell. The book is a fable and the main genre is drama and satire, satire because Orwell is humiliating the rule in the Russian Revolution. The theme in the book is power struggle, abuse of power and leadership. Animal Farm is a novel that shows us in a more simple and easier way how the Russian Revolution happened and developed.
The oldest pig, Old Major, had a dream and tells every animal about it in a meeting. The dream was about the animals taking over the farm. Old Major sadly dies and two other pigs takes his place,
Snowball and Napoleon, they runs the farm together (the pigs is the smartest animals on the farm). They are now starting what Old Major wanted to start, they are making
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In the beginning is it Snowball that is in charge the most, but when Snowball disappears Napoleon comes forward. After a while in charge he abuses his power and does exactly what he wants, he does not care about the rest of the animals except the pigs and his dogs. He also manipulating the animals so they are doing everything he tells them to do. There is at least one conflict in the book between the working animals and the pigs because they are not satisfied with the rule of the farm. They are doing protests against the pigs way to rule but they gets detected and punished with death, therefore they changed one of the laws which was that they are not killing other animals. The characters are realistic in some ways because they are depicted of real people from the revolution, they are also doing things that some people in the world unfortunately does, terrible things, like rule a society but don’t care about the lower class. They are also not realistic because they are animals and talks, reads, writes and builds.
Orwell does not really describes the society in the book very detailed, he describes the basic things, or example where they are, but not much more. The book is, as I said, a satire about the
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Old Major and Lenin died before the revolution started and two others took their place,
Snowball & Napoleon/Trotsky & Stalin. They took the leadership and started the revolution, but
Napoleon/Stalin was wily, they wanted the power themselves so they got Snowball/Trotsky out of the way (even if they did the most work) and did so the people/animals forgot them. Then Napoleon/Stalin started to take more charge and became the only leaders, they also abused their power totally. Then they were manipulating the workers to work but did nothing themselves. Both leaders are also changing the laws to their advantage and are making the workers suffer. After a while the both changes totally, they are being more like the old leaders, Mr Jones/the tsar, and makes the society worse than before. Old
Major can be compared to Lenin, Snowball to Trotsky, Napoleon to Stalin, Mr Jones to the tsar and the animals to the people.
The meaning message of the story is that it is easy to abuse power when you get it and good and bad leadership. Another message is also to show that the Russian Revolution was not how Lenin wanted, it got worse. I think Orwell achieved his message and that it works today, people who reads it understand its meaning and why he wrote

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