What Are The Consequences Of Joseph Stalin's Consolidation Of Power

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In the world’s past, dictators and their political systems have done things to solidify their power and to command their citizens. Dictators for example are, Louis XIV of France and
Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. The work done by these dictators and their political systems had major consequences on their citizens and their countries. Louis the XIV of France exercised the finances of France, increased the size of the French military, and removed the Edict of
Nantes from French society to solidify his power. Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union in Russia used propaganda to limit information, controlled the Soviet economy by increasing
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Based on the quote Louis persecuted the
Huguenots (Protestants) until they eventually left the country and took their “talents” with them adding religious toleration to the list of reasons that sparked the French Revolution. These are the steps used by Louis XIV to solidify his power and the negative consequences it had on his citizens and country.
Joseph Stalin controlled the information passed around Russia, controlled the way the
Soviet economy developed, and had an impact with the policy he set on the Soviet Union. By controlling the social and economic aspects, Stalin just like Louis made the life of his people a complete misfortune. For example in Document 4a it states “Although its name means “truth,”
Pravda reported only what the Communist Party wanted the people to know, and facts were often ignored or distorted.” Based on this it shows that Stalin used propaganda, part of his totalitarian setup, to influence people leading to his popularity increasing which sets them up for his 5 yrs. Plan where it destroys their life because they would be forced to work on farms and

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