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Which of the following statements about microorganisms is true?
Microorganisms are necessary for life.
The organization that sets recommended practices and standards for care and processing of devices and systems is:
Which of the following is the circular opening of the eye which controls the amount of light which enters the eye?
Implantable devices:
Should not be flash sterilized.
Which of the following would be the best choice for high level disinfection of instruments?
The part of a cell that enables it to move through liquid is the:
When soil remains on a device after cleaning:
The device cannot be sterilized.
Bacteria that cause diseases are called.
Which type of fire extinguisher should be used on flammable liquids?
Type B
Which of the following disinfectants is also know as a "Wetting Agent"?
Quaternary ammonium compounds (quads).
The inventory control method in which the supplier owns the inventory, stores it at the healthcare facility, and does not charge the healthcare facility for it unit it is used or lost is referred to as the ________method.
Of the 3 major low temperature sterilants, which one has the longest instruments turnover time?
The number of times per year that inventory is purchased, consumed and replaced is called the:
Inventory Turnover Rate.
Which of the following tracking methods provides real time information?
Which of the following requires preventive maintenance standards be established for medical equipment?
Joint Commission
How frequently should a sterilizer's drain strainer be removed and thorough cleaned?
What type of hepatitis vaccine is strongly recommended for most healthcare workers?
Hepatitis B
The part of a cell that controls cell function is the:
A step in communication that occurs when a listener asks a question or repeats information is called:
Involuntary muscles
Work without consciousness.