Technology And Lack Of Personal Interaction Essay

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Technology and lack of personal interaction in teens
Technology is everywhere we look, technology has filled our homes, workplaces and our children’s schools. The world is drastically different for our children than it was for us growing up. A study by the International center for media and the public agenda (ICMPA) found that “most children and teens spend 75 percent of their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen.” Seventy five percent, how do they have time for anything else? The ICMPA also found “students who unplugged their electronics for a 24 hour period felt extremely lonely.” Technology is having an effect on our children causing them to be less personable by ignoring a person who is right in front of them for a smart phone screen or computer, they lose their manners and common courtesy, and to have less friends that they know personally in their lives.
On a daily basis I see the effects of technology on my children. Gone are the days of hanging out with friends and staying up all night talking or talking about your day with family at the dinner table. In her USA today article, why social media is destroying our social skills, Jasmine Fowlkes argues, “There’s a greater desire to share with people with people you barely know, than actually hanging out with friends and making memories.” My children are so quick to share every aspect of their lives on social media but hardly talk to a friend that is sitting right next to them.
Manners and common courtesy have…

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