The Parent Trap: How Teens Lost Ability To Socialize

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Is technology really taking over the world or are we just going crazy about it? They’re many people over the world concert about technology taking over the world but there’s two point of views presented in “Technology Taking Over?” by Yzzy Gonzalez and in “The Parent Trap: How Teens Lost Ability to Socialize “by Clive Thompson. One issue is waking up to see your phone and what happen while you were sleeping. The other issue is why parents aren’t giving kids more freedom to actually socialize with friends.

In the essay “Technology Taking Over?” writer Yzzy Gonzalez tells about her morning routine and how all the stuff she does in her morning routine includes something with her phone. The writer mentions in her essay that a lot of people drive
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Thompson tells in this article that a parent came to him saying that after school her son all he does is go on Facebook and that’s the only thing he does. Thompson also explains that not only we should blame the kids but we should blame the parents, parents don’t give you enough time to have freedom and go out with your friends. They’re the responsible for the kids to be like that if kids don’t have freedom then they’re going to try and find another way to be able to talk to their friends and that’s how every kid gets addicted to the internet and hate to socialize in person with another. It states in the article that kids not only want freedom but if you’re going to give them freedom it shouldn’t be in the house, no kid wants to be in the same house and that’s why kids stay all day in social media. Thompson explains how freedom should be giving to kids to solve the problem about technology taking over, he tells that when he was a kid his parents would let him roam around but would have to be back by dark time, also an example he gives in the article tells us once kids go to a football game they don’t just go to a football game to watch it they go because friends are there and they could actually interact face to face with friends and you wouldn’t see a kid on their phone unless it’s for a snapchat photo …show more content…
On the other hand, Clive Thompson explains to us technology wouldn’t get as far as we are right now if parents would give more freedom to kids. Gonzalez thinks no matter what happens technology will always increase and makes us do stuff we regret by the end of the day for example transferring money from one account to another one in just a few seconds. Thompson says in his article parents are the ones who don’t give any freedom for a kid to go and have a face to face conversation with someone but Gonzalez blames it on technology she doesn’t say anything about parents she just tells us that technology if the one killing face to face conversation. Gonzalez also explains that technology is also advance that you don’t have to even go and do grocery shopping you could just do it by a keystroke. Both writers are trying to actually explain by writing each article that technology has it’s good and bad sides but we could work on stopping the laziness and start having and showing kids we could have face to face conversations not only thru

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