Camryn Hoffman Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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Camryn Hoffman’s Declaration of Independence From
Technology and Social Media If one were to walk down the streets of New York City, what would they see? They would most likely see an abundant amount of people texting, calling, or taking pictures while walking. They may even see a few drive by who are simultaneously completing a similar action. Our social world today survives off of technology and social media. Most people prefer texting rather than calling or talking in person as their main source of communication, which is acceptable until a specific point. Correspondingly, some teenagers will solely rely off of social apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and more. These communication applications are what has taken the world away
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Some would ask, “Why?” while others would ask, “Why not?” Many don’t see a problem in the spending because they use the device all day and everyday, but this eventually becomes a problem. In recent years, texting while driving ads have increased over the world. Everyone knows that texting while driving takes ones’ eyes off the road for a decent amount of time. Therefore, accidents occur and lives are taken. Would it be worth it to get into a terrible accident to simply send one text message, Snapchat, or DM? Americans are so consumed with their technology that they couldn’t possibly put it down for more than 5 minutes. In an attempt to fix the problem, Ohio has created a law that states if a driver is suspected of texting or using a cellular device, they will be pulled over and fined. However, people are still getting in wrecks and creating bigger problems in their lives. People need to simply take a step back into reality instead of keeping their eyes on the screen. If drivers can’t put their phones down for the amount of time their eyes are supposed to be on the road, they shouldn’t be on the road at all. Texting drivers are extremely dangerous to other drivers and pedestrians simply because of …show more content…
Instead they choose other routes of communication such as calling, and texting, and snapchating. Likewise, teenagers will sometimes claim to know someone they haven’t spoke to, based off their Facebook page. I believe that calling someone on the phone for a short conversation isn’t as big of an issue as texting. Texting someone becomes a habit and, eventually, it’s the only source of communication. Americans used to only have the option of calling but today most stick to texting. People need to realize that sometimes it’s easier to get the message across by physically talking to someone or even calling. Most younger generations are no longer able to work up a conversation because they have been taught to use electronic devices their whole life. Altogether, all Americans need to realize what’s physically in front of them instead of on Snapchat or instant

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