Teen Suicide : Causes, Statistic, Emotions, And Treatments Of Teenage Suicide

1854 Words Mar 16th, 2016 8 Pages
How would you like knowing that your kid has had suicidal thoughts? Just imagine all these other parents going through this stage, knowing that their children do not want to live only this world anymore. Well I will be sharing some information that I have found about the effects, causes, statistic, emotions, and treatments of teenage suicide. People see suicide as if it was not important but that is absolutely not true. These young teenagers see suicide as their only way out because they feel as if they are not important. Suicide is more of an individual thing because these teenagers are not just going to go tell everybody they want to commit suicide. When a person is going through a rough time, they can go through the depression and most of the time these teenagers do not want to live anymore. The only thing these parents should do is pay more attention to their kids, do not just give them permission so they can do whatever they would like. I feel as if suicide is a major problem in this society because young and innocent teenagers do not need to kill themselves. Teenage suicide is quickly rising, which means that these kids are not afraid of killing themselves and there has to be an ends to this non sense.

Suicide can have effects on teenagers which means that they can go through pain. Teenagers do not want to live anymore and they feel as if their only way out is suicide. These youth are suffering from the inside, they believe that they are no good for this…

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