Argumentative Essay: The Prevention Of Teenage Suicide

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Imagine you having a child, this child being of age 15 or older, and you get home only to find them dead in your family room due to an overdose on drugs. It is tragic isn 't it? All throughout America and all over the world parents are walking into their house 's after work and they are finding their teenager dead. This is not a joking matter, teenage suicide rates are on the rise. Every single year the number of teen suicides goes up. Teens choose many ways to kill themselves as well, mainly firearms. They do it for many reasons, or so they say. No reason is as good as any to have a human life end. Ever sense 2001 suicide prevention is on the rise. It is a great thing because the number of teen suicides should be going down in the future. Teen suicide is a tragic thing that happens but it still happens and it is a problem. I am interested in this topic in many ways. The first reason I am really interested is, a couple years ago I myself was going through a very hard time in my life and I became very depressed. My actions where not of best judgement at the time but I worked through it. Another reason why I chose this topic is because while I was in that state I met a friend who 's life was not so great. Her mother had died and her father did not treat …show more content…
The rate of teenage suicide is sadly going up. In just 2004 alone the age group of people of 15-20 had over 10,000 suicides. The number is huge and alarming. In 2006 suicide was the #11 cause of death in the US. 33,289 suicides happened that year for ages 10 and up. The rates keep going up every year. In 2013 suicide was the 10th leading cause of death with around 41,149 teenage suicides (ages 10-20). The number has gone up greatly within those few years. In 2015 it is estimated that over 5,400 teens in the United States attempt suicide every day. 3% of those teens are succsessful. Now imagine that over a years worth of time. The rates of teen suicide keep

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