Women 's Objectification Of Women Essay

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Objectification of Women in A&P

Throughout history, women have felt the need for changes and have constantly called for equality. Equality in the workforce, the household, political force, and in society. But what puts up these restrictions anyway? Does it stem from religion? From our cultures? Or is it something we as a society put up? Looking at artform- a medium that can be used to identify or examine a culture- we can see that the nature of how women are seen is definitely different from how men are seen. Women are often portrayed in a negative light, one that exudes of patriarchy and misogyny. In paintings, pictures, music, advertisements, and in written artform- women are often depicted as sexual beings. And while sexuality is not a problem since it is a trait all humans have; it is the objectification of women that becomes a complication. That is, the portrayal of women mainly as objects that men can possess and collect to their liking creates a hurdle in our perception of the genders. To expand on this thought, let us examine a short story in which women are objectified. In A&P by John Updike, three women are portrayed mainly as objects men can fantasize about- which the main character in the story ultimately does. An analysis of the typical short story makes one thing certain: the objectification of women is as existent now as it ever was, and I believe that it is a major cause in the biased treatment of women as opposed to those of men.

A&P tells the story of…

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