Essay about How I Changed My Life

1218 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
My paper is going to be about how I see myself and what I do to change it and what I can do to make my life better. I will always have up’s and down 's in life. There is going to be more up’s and down’s in life but I also think it is the way you think about life Always be positive and don’t put yourself down.
My first two strengths that I have are that I can deal with children and I love being with kids and I like to see what the kids will do and what they say. Kids make me smile and they make me laugh. Kids have a way of making your day better and even if you started out with a really crappy day they make it better. I love the way that little kids say things.The second strength is that I have a good attitude with kids and that I 'm good with them and that I try to help them in anyway I can so the kids are helped and comfortable. Having a bad attitude with kids only makes them act worse and it makes you not a happy camper. My third strength is the way I have a good attitude about somethings I like to see the good out of the bad things. Even though you think your like is bad always remember that It could be worse or think of a good time you had in your life and think about that. The fourth strength would be that I have good grades. I have had good grades for almost all of my middle school and some of my high school years. I have had a bad grade here and there but not horrible.The fifth strength is that I have a kind heart and I will do anything for anyone. I guess it could…

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