The Benefits Of Laughter

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Top 5 Reasons Why Laughing your Heart Out at Friars Roasts’ Comic Classics are Great for Your Health
Have you ever wondered why after a good laugh you always feel a lot better about yourself? You feel more relaxed. You don’t feel any tensions in your muscles. While you may almost hear your heart thump through your chest, the beats are not as fast as when you are stressed out. Laughing has tremendous benefits for you even at the expense of your friends. If you don’t like making fun of your friends you can always watch Friars Roasts comic classic roasting of celebrities to enjoy a full evening of unadulterated laughter.
Considering laughter as the world’s best medicine is already cliché. It is quite easy to understand why this simple behavior
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Studies show that laughter can improve blood circulation to the muscles of the heart. The improved blood circulation is produced by the release of natural endorphins from the brain. These substances allow the more efficient delivery of oxygen to the muscles of your heart. Increasing oxygen delivery to the heart muscles can improve cardiac output. Increasing cardiac output naturally improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the different cells and tissues of the body. Additionally, endorphins have been shown to stimulate the synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide protects the heart by reducing inflammation of the heart’s blood vessels and by preventing the clumping of …show more content…
Laughter can decrease the risk of inflammation by reducing the levels of stress hormones. You see, many of these stress hormones produce inflammation in the body. Inflammatory conditions always signal the beginning of disease processes. The more you laugh the lesser is the risk for the development of inflammatory conditions. The lesser the risk of inflammation the healthier you become.
Studies have also shown that laughter can increase the levels of lymphocytic T-cells in your blood. These white blood cells are responsible for a host of immune protective processes. There are seven types of T-cells that function in a variety of ways. Ultimately, these immune system cells protect the body against disease-carrying microorganisms. Some T-cells help other immune cells fight infection while other T-cells destroy cells that have been infected. There are also T-cells that destroy cancerous cells. Other T-cells produce antibodies and assist the innate immune processes of the body.
In other words, laughter can protect you from getting sick.
Laughter is a Great Way to

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