Analysis Of Marta Cerezo Moreno 's The Controlling Force Of Rome

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The first point discussed in Marta Cerezo Moreno’s The Controlling Force of Rome in Coriolanus and Julius Caesar is how Rome does not function as just a location where the play is set, but in fact the framework of the plots would collapse because the plot is directly related to the location. The city of Rome is constantly attacked by the Volscians in Corialanus, defended by the plebeians, praised by its people and feared by its enemies. Rome is symbolic of the characters Corialanus and Julius Caesar. Corialanus was feared by the people that helped kill him at the end of the story and ruin his life when he was alive. He was also praised by the people for his work in protecting Rome. Julius Caesar also expresses same traits as Rome as Rome was the all-powerful nation during its time just like Julius Caesar was. Rome was also stubborn because they would refuse to lose a battle like Julius Caesar not listening to his wife later on in the play on her worries and dreams of his tragic death. Rome was also a power structure that controlled the protagonists’ actions, thoughts, and eventual fate. In Coriolanus, the power structure within Rome leads to his demise as he was unable to achieve support as he was not a politician that could use smart rhetoric, but in fact got his words twisted. Coriolanus would also try and achieve his own self-thought and independence between the way Rome is structured, he was trying to get something that was impossible to get. “ In the case of Julius…

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