Essay about Why God And The Earthquake Of Haiti Happened?

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Why does God let the earthquake in Haiti happened? I think about it all the time and that I still cannot realize the explanation why God let it happened. This earthquake modified the entire country and alter many of us lives. I’m one amongst the individuals whose life I have been modified when the earthquake. it had been January twelfth on the evening, I was playing soccer with a number of my friends, we tend to were having fun, however when a few minutes of enjoying we tend to felt just like the earth was moving with U.S., it had been shaking, we tend to fell within the ground and that we still did not perceive what was happening. I bear in mind whereas I used to be within the ground, one amongst my friends said, "it 's the end of the world, we are going to die today, there isn 't any way around it," and one amongst them reply, "can you shut up, it 's an earthquake," but me, I used to be solely focusing whether or not if we tend to reaching to survive or not. when a few seconds, the planet stopped shaking and that we were reaching to unbroken the soccer game, however one amongst the individuals I used to be playing with said " I actually have a child and a mate home, I do not apprehend if my house doesn’t crumple, or if my mate and kid is alive, therefore I am leaving," and that we all same to him that he was right, then we tend to left the soccer field. We tend to still did not apprehend what was happening at that point as a result of it had been no house wherever the…

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