Essay about Should Nurses Be A Nurse?

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The idea of being a nurse has always been something I have wanted to do. I love the idea of nurses being able to instil calm, peace and tranquillity where only chaos and suffering had reigned (Bostridge 2008) all while being extremely focused with a brain full of knowledge. This ability is something I would like to achieve and perfect as a nurse. I have heard of other ideas of nursing perceptions through the public such as the “battle-axe”, “naughty nurse”, and my least favourite of all the “doctors’ handmaiden”, (Daly, Speedy and Jackson, 2014) but I view them as inaccurate depictions of nurses, therefore dismissing them in the reasoning I have to practice as a nurse. I have been exposed to a range of health related situations all my life, which I believe has further enforced and ingrained my choice of nursing as a career.
I had always wanted to be a nurse since I can remember, but it was the birth of my sister, Ruby, who is now three years old, that made me set on studying nursing, and later, midwifery. I had seen child births on TV, and read about it, but being present in the room was completely different to anything else I had ever seen. It was the anticipation, excitement and relief that filled the air that was so different. I was amazed by observing how calm, focused and in control the nurses and midwives were in this kind of atmosphere. Watching them, I thought, that’s what I want to do, and that’s how I want to be.
My year 10 work experience at the Taree Manning Base…

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