Clinical Experience In Nursing

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During my clinical placement as a student overseas registered nurse. I was working under the supervision of my preceptor caring for 5 patients. It was really a good clinical exposure in term of knowing the different health care management system, policies, legislations, pre-operative pathways and scoring system for the early identification of emergency call. As reflected in the care provided to the health consumers, it is one of my experiences during my clinical placement and it is based on the principles of code of conduct. The relevant principle is providing a safe and competent care, documentation of the event and ask for advice and assistance from the registered nurse and the coordinator of the day. To enumerate my experience I am using …show more content…
X was diagnosed as decompensating chronic heart failure. I had been asked to check his vital signs. I checked the vital signs and found that his blood pressure was low to his baseline blood pressure level. According to my observation I had informed to the registered nurse (preceptor) and the coordinator of the day. Accurate documentation is one of the key factors in nursing practice. As per the protocol of early warning sign (EWS) scoring chart, the score was 1. According to the EWS if the score is 1, inform the coordinator of the day. Secondly, the 2hourly monitoring of the vital signs need to be charted and notified to the coordinator, if the blood pressure is still at lower side than further management will be carried out by the emergency team as per the protocol of Early Warning Sign(EWS). I had been asked to monitor the vital sign and asked to notify if any discomfort experienced by the patient. As per the protocol I had done 2 hourly vital signs and documented and informed to the RN and the coordinator of the day. The client seems to be stable and all his vital were within the normal …show more content…
A survey was conducted on the registered nurses on the perception of the nurses for the code of conduct in Hong Kong (Chau J et al., 2010). It found that if the nurses are educated they become more assertive in safeguarding the patients’ rights and provide a standard care to the health consumers. It is also essential to work in team with colleagues to best meet the needs of the clients. The other most significant practice is documentation as one of the important function of professional nursing practice.Okaisu et al., 2014 emphasized on the importance of documentation in nursing practice, the action revealed that evidence –based practice was underpinning in change of system to produce visible improvement in standard of care in clinical practice.
Action Plan
Gibbs reflective cycle is really making sense of the situation and very helpful to put all the learning experience to positive use in my future practice as registered nurse. My action plan is to research on modified early warning sign (MEWS) to protect the safety of patient by providing competent care. This reflection has emphasized to increase my knowledge and understanding the professional standard related to safety and quality healthcare.

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