Analysis Of Dante 's ' The Inferno ' Essay

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Journeys can be taken many ways; some people take the path less traveled, and some people take the easy way out. Dante happens to be on a journey that is less traveled by exploring the depths of Hell in the Inferno. The epic poem’s story is about self-realization and transformation; it sees Dante over coming many things to realize he is completely different from the start of the inferno journey. From the beginning to the end of the book Dante starts having a personality change from the way he acts towards people; realizing that his true self is much less sympathetic towards people who deserved to be punished. Another personal change was due to, Dante seeing many high religious characters in hell that change Dante’s outlook on religious views making Dante. Throughout the epic poem the way Dante carries himself in the inferno changes and allows Dante to gain courage.
At the beginning of the novel while Dante was going through hell he felt very sympathetic and wished he could do something for these people. However, as the book went on Dante got less sympathetic. In the first three circles of hell Dante saw many people and saw the punishments being put upon them. Right after entering the gates of hell Dante questions why the people are there. After Virgil responds Dante states “[a]t that, with eyes ashamed, downcast, and fearing that what I said had given him offense” (Canto III, 79). This shows that Dante feels bad for the people in this part of the Inferno and wants to learn…

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