Essay on The Birth Of The Babies

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We have officially entered thirty weeks being pregnant, the babies are really healthy and can’t wait to come out. That whole week Ryan and I mostly spent it getting ready for the arrival. We finished the nursery, got the stuff ready for that day and walked a lot to try and make that day come faster. Then the day came, I was officially 31 weeks pregnant and the babies just couldn’t take it any longer. It was a long birth, I got to have a natural birth and I was in labor for 29 hours. But my precious little babies were born on April 10, 2023, first born was Remington at 1:30 am and then just minutes after his sister Raelyn.
They were such precious babies, the first night with they hardly ever cried. So many people can to see them and they were all just in awe. I was finally so happy to have a wonderful family of my own. Many twin babies are born premature, mine were definitely small babies, but they were just the right size and healthy enough that they didn’t have to stay at the hospital longer. On April 12, which just so happened to be my birthday we got to take our babies home. When we got home our families were there to greet them and it was such a wonderful day. That night was Ryan and I’s first night alone with our babies, we spent the night not sleeping, but just watching our babies sleeping just thinking how wonderful it was to be parents. Ryan was such a wonderful father and I really loved him for that he was so magnificent with kids, that was one of the many great…

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