Symptoms And Symptoms Of Chronic Illness Essay

1471 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
Deep and long-lasting, loved-filled, true friendships can save more lives than any other relationship. This is where my story begins as it was the love of a friend that got me through the impossible and gave new meaning to the saying turning lambs into lions. The most frustrating thing about chronic illness is the loss of self that accompanies it. The diagnosis, or initial lack of it in my case, has a cruel way of turning your life upside down and backwards. Everything you knew about yourself disappears and you are left with someone you do not recognize. Being a once athletic, cheerful teenager with a positive outlook on life at the time, it was hard to look in the mirror months after the onset of symptoms and see this mutated version of yourself. There in front you was this girl, who weighted a lot less, her skin this grayish colour and condemned to a wheelchair, unable to do the things that once made her, her. It became easy to see why doctors warn you that depression and chronic illness go hand in hand. As the illness creates limitations and changes, it takes away the sense of hope in the future as you see no end in sight. Now this is not just another sick-person story about how remaining optimistic will ultimately heal you, but rather the opposite. It is a story about how the love of my best friend, Will, saved my life and gave me the strength to continue on, when I so desperately wanted to give up. That philia, to me, is the deepest form of love one can experience and…

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