American Society Doesn 't Understand Anyone ! Essay examples

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American Society doesn’t understand anyone!
Thesis: Everyone’s world is different and society doesn 't understand that!
Imagine everyone on earth looking/ acting the same way. Sure, society likes to think that 's the way we all should be, but that is surely not the case. Divergence is something that is made out to be something alarming, but it really is the essence of an interesting community. Everyone is born with something they cannot change, whether it be a disease or defect it 's what makes us who we are. Maria shriver a little girl on account of numerous health complexities, including an intellectual disability and a heart condition. After Maria’s birth, doctors told her mother to leave her daughter at the hospital to die because she would never walk or live a healthy life. This is a clear example of not wanting to save the girl because of a deeper problem; like society they just brush it under the bush. Everyone’s world is different and society doesn 't understand that!
“In life you face challenges that everyone else may not have to encounter, it 's how you deal with it that gets you through” ~Unknown. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is a fictional novella placed in the 1930’s in Salinas Valley, California; where the static character Lennie faces a mental disability (because of his actions) and his best friend George the foil character tries to keep him out of trouble. Throughout the novella, Lennie has developed just that theme: Everyone’s world is different and…

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