Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay

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When Macbeth starts his reign, wide-scale killing arises from the sacrilegious murder of King Duncan. Once a brave and courageous warrior, as well as a venerable subject, Macbeth has been twisted by fate to become the ruthless character he is. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, Macbeth is progressively affected by continuous and increasing isolation, as well as cut offs from normal ties and relations. In Act II, there are pieces of evidence that begin to reveal Macbeth’s change of character, influenced by the isolation and relational cut offs he begins to experience. In the scene where King Duncan’s body is discovered by Macduff, since Lady Macbeth galvanized Macbeth into doing so, Macbeth exhibits some very strange reactions to the situation. His reaction: Had I but died an hour before this chance,
I had liv’d a blessed time, for from this instant,
There’s nothing serious in mortality.
All is but toys; renown and grace is dead,
The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees
Is left this vault to brag of. (2.3.87-92) compared to the other thanes’, is significantly longer and seems ungenuine. Instead of being shocked speechless and in grief, he shows signs of regret that he committed the murder. This may be due to his mental trauma from killing his honourable king, effectively severing himself from righteousness and his gracious king. Several seconds later, he mentions with indifference “That I [he] did kill them [Duncan’s guards]” (2.3.102-103). The others are…

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