Macbeth Valour's Comparison Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… A modern audience may be sceptical about labelling Macbeth a hero for a killing in battle, but to a Shakespearean audience the threat of rebellion was very real and it would indeed be a hero who prevented it. Macbeth is rightly described as 'noble' as he has fought for …show more content…
After committing the murder Macbeth walked past Malcolm and Donalbain's room, Macbeth 'could not….pronounce 'Amen'' (ii.ii) to a blessing on their father because he has just murdered Duncan and thinks that he will go to Hell so cannot pray. This shows Macbeth has a moral conscience.

After Macbeth kills Duncan he regrets what he has done' this is a scary sight.' Later in the scene, when he looks at his hands, he says: 'I am afraid to think what I have done.' Macbeth realises the magnitude of his deeds when he looks at his hands 'will all great Neptune's oceans wash this blood clean from my hand.' Macbeth thinks that if he washes his hands then all the water will turn red with the amount of blood on his hands. This gives an indication of how guilty he feels after committing the murder and also tells us that he is not a natural killer and has a conscience like every one else.

Banquo, is suspicious of Macbeth 'Thou played'st most foully for't' and realises that it must be him, who killed the king. Macbeth realises that this could be dangerous and also thinks back to
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Even so he is still trying to hide his villainous behaviour.

At the banquet when Macbeth is told that Banquo has been killed, but Fleance has not, he is disappointed. Macbeth now begins to fear Macduff who has refused to come to the coronation and banquet. Later, Macbeth starts raving and sees a ghost of Banquo. Macbeth looks insane and mad as no-one else can see the ghost This is obviously a figment of Macbeth's imagination, which almost leads Macbeth to revealing the terrible acts that he has committed. Macbeth had someone killed and hence seems evil, but he obviously struggles with the realisation of what he has done, showing he is human, has a conscience and is not completely villainous.

Now slightly paranoid Macbeth goes to see the Witches. One of them prophesises to him ' none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.' As a result Macbeth now believes he is indestructible as everyone is born of a woman. Macbeth is still intent on killing Macduff to make sure. His new found confidence makes him more determined to remain king.

As Macduff is aware of the murders that Macbeth has committed

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