Movie Analysis : `` Let 's Out `` Essays

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1. “When you try to control the other person, you might insist on details, shut down communication, or simply say, “No way I’m going to do that.” Instead, say, “We can solve this problem. I’ll listen to you; I ask you to listen to me.” “Let’s generate several possibilities.” (pg. 25)
2. I currently try to problem solve with people but when I try to help it comes out in more of a controlling way. An example is with my best friend Megan she has a friend that is a really bad influence and Megan is trying to get her out of her life. But she keeps letting her in and then she comes to me and tells me that she isn’t happy with that friends. My reaction is to tell her to dump that friend and never speak to her again instead of trying to help her through the problem. I don’t like how this friend of Megan’s treats her and how she is always bringing the past up and making Megan feel bad about it. Our friendship would be healthier for both of us.
3. The next time Megan calls me to tell me that her friend communicated with her, I’m going to remind myself to listen to everything that Megan has to say without making any side remarks. I will also take breaths before I say anything to have a calm voice so that it doesn’t come out as I’m trying to control the decision she makes. I will then make sure to respect her decision and be there for her as a friend.
4. A. The benefit for me would be that Megan isn’t getting mad about how I react to what she has to say and also that she will still come…

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