The New Deal During The Great Depression Essay

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The New Deal Essay Acts associating with Workers and Seniors in Roosevelt’s new deal were very successful in assisting the recovery of the economy during the great depression. For example The Civilian Conservation Corporation which provided jobs for young men (18-25 years of age) on conservation projects. The program was a major player with the decrease in unemployment due to the depression, after the addition of new deal acts that provided jobs like the CCC the percentage of unemployment of non farm workers decreased from about 35% to around 2%; a significant decrease of 33% (J). Even for the many African American and Chicano minorities this program (as well as similar acts) were very advantageous. Despite the discrimination these groups faced programs like the CCC paid all their workers equal wages “All of us were hired according to our family income…Everybody got a chance to work” (A Chicana Youth Gets New Deal Work). Another program of the new deal was the Works Progress Administration which quickly created many jobs. The massive outpouring of federal money for relief projects like the WPA was indeed beneficial to the overall economy. According to John Maynard Keynes’s Keynesian Economics the accumulation of tons of money into the national debt it is in fact promoting recovery (D). The Social Securities Act was also an successful project that worked by providing pension as a safety measure for retired older citizens, the unemployed, and other needy people. The Social…

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