Essay on Mental Health And The Mentally Ill

2011 Words Mar 16th, 2016 9 Pages
As of right now, there are about 200 known mental health disorders. A few of these disorders include dementia, schizophrenia, and depression. Many mental illnesses cause violent tendencies, forgetfulness, the inability to socialize or confide, and suicidal actions and thoughts. Now that technology and medical research has advanced beyond herbs and chloroform, cases of reported mental illnesses have skyrocketed tremendously. Robert Glover, the executive director of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Director, states that “Without federal support, states haven 't been able to afford to keep their psychiatric hospitals open. States have closed 10% of their hospital beds from 2009 to 2012”(Szabo 2). With the recent incline in mental health patients and a staggering decline in available treatments, the federal government ought to prioritize their funds mainly into improving the mental health care system rather than other issues.
Within society the mentally ill are often referred to as having stigmas, a “dishonor” that is associated with suffering from a mental illness, that segregate them from the rest of the population. In the United States patients with mental illnesses are treated in a very primal and unfair manner. Furthermore, these sufferers of mental health disorders are subjected to violence in their daily lives. Not only can a sufferer become violent at any times, but when put around other sufferers the problems that can arise are limited. On the…

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