Mental Illness Is A Serious Issue Affecting An Abundance Of People All Across The United States

1208 Words Mar 16th, 2016 null Page
Mental illness has become a serious issue affecting an abundance of people all across the United States. According to NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness, 43.8 million adults experience some type of mental illness, and 10 million adults experience a severe mental disorder affecting their day to day life. Mental disorders affect more than the individuals with the disease, but the friends and families taking care of them as well. Over the years, scientists have developed a variety of medications to help patients suffering with mental disorders. However, with these medications can come unpleasant side effects, resulting in patients not wanting to take their medication. Someone who’s mentally incompetent and causes no harm to themselves or others should have the right to refuse medication; because are we medicating the patient to help the patient or ourselves, the patient should have the right to dictate the decisions regarding their body, and alternative treatments have been discovered that don’t require medication. Mentally incompetent people who don’t pose a threat to themselves or others should have the right to refuse medication for their condition. When prescribing medications to those with mental disorders, who are we truly trying to help the patient or ourselves? Caring for mentally disabled individuals can be a great deal of work for either the family or the clinic, and their symptoms can be grueling to manage. Prescribing medication can ease the burden by…

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