Politics And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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“What is the most discussed problem in the world? A BBC poll in 2010 found it was corruption” (Why a Supreme Court). Politics have had a major influence on crime and the criminal justice systems of countries around the world for centuries. There have been politics affecting the criminal justice system from the highest ranks to the lowest ranks for hundreds of years. Throughout history, politics have influenced criminal justice systems through negative means, such as corruption and bribery, and positive means, such as reform in the criminal justice system. The influences of politics reach far back into history around the world. One of the earliest recorded times that politics influenced the criminal justice system was the Republic of Rome (509 BCE-27 BCE). “The Senate, which may have existed under the monarchy and served as an advisory council for the king, now advised both magistrates and the Roman people” (Roman Republic). The early government of the Roman Republic was a Senate that was designed to only to advise. However, the senators of Rome had a great deal of influence within the republic, and could use this influence to incarcerate people, avoid imprisonment, or get reduced punishments. One prevalent form of corruption within the republic of the Rome was bribery. Most notably, electoral bribery, which occurred on a yearly basis to the extent that nobody tried to hide the bribery. “Political rivalries degenerated into civil disorder when partisan groups formed to…

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