What We Really Miss About The 1950's Analysis

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People alway think about the past that they like a lot. There are many reasons for someone to like a certain time of their past. For example, there were more opportunities to have a better job without the need of college degree. Education is not that important because in the past not that many people could went to college. A lot of White old people choose the 1950’s as the year that they mostly want to go back. This is mostly because during this time the family’s structure are less problem to deal with. An example is people do not need to worry about college debt, about which college should their children go to. The future of the young generations are more bright compare to the young generations in other years. However, there are still many issues that cause this …show more content…
It’s a good thing that the values related to civil rights become a little bit better for the racial minorities and the women during this time. Even though, the individual homicide was drop rapidly compared to 1930s, still, many people felt hostile because of their gender, lacking sufficient money, or race (34). Racial minorities have more civil rights, but it does not mean there were no longer any racism. Not only racism still a problem, but sexism was another large problem. The women were humiliated by the fact that people think their life revolve around a man. Also, some of the women rights were taken away. Some examples were, they does not allow to borrows money or even using credit card in their own names, and got denied from juries in many states. No matter how much people start to understand about sexual morality, they still ignored the racism and

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