Essay on The Concept Of Differentiate Of Self

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1. The concept of differentiate of self is the ability to separate feelings and thoughts. It’s a process of freeing yourself from your family’s problems. Intrapsychic is conflicts that occurs within the psyche, mind or personality. It’s an internal process of the individual. Interpersonal is between yourself and others. This concept is related to Rebecca and Barbara because they’re both undifferentiated. Rebecca’s emotions get in the way of her relationship with Barbara. The reason is because of Rebecca’s abusive relationship in the past, she’s high emotional reactivity. She often throws things at the wall and yells a lot. Rebecca seeks attention from men, works too much, and expect too much from Barbara. Barbara, on the other hand, is failing in school and is obsessed with boys. The reasons for her failing in school probably is that she’s unable to separate her thoughts and feelings from others. She’s unable to free herself from her mother’s craziness.
2. When anxiety is high, triangle is form to reduce tension. This is a positive in forming triangle in their relationship but there’s also a negative in forming triangle. There’s no communication and there’s secrets. Rebecca and Barbara form a dyad triangle which is inherently unstable because they’re vacillating between closeness. Because of the high expectation that Rebecca has for Barbara they form triangles in their relationship. Rebecca enmesh with work. Barbara would self-soothe elsewhere and boys. This prevented…

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