Essay about The Features Of The Atlantic World

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The features of “the Atlantic World” are part of what makes it important to history and is essential to how we remember “the Atlantic World” in it’s true glory. Novelist Michael Crichton once said that “If you don 't know history, then you don 't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn 't know it is part of a tree.” I believe that human beings are part of a tree of history that each and every one of us can be connected to in various ways. This connection is essential to how we understand history, learn from the past, and change the future for the better. Some of the major features of “the Atlantic World” that cannot be forgotten are slavery, revolutions, and the Enlightenment period. Slavery itself was a cruel process and the leaders of the slave trade were corrupt and inhumane. There were many revolutions during that time period including the Industrial, the French Revolution, and the Scientific Revolution. All of these revolutions are crucial to creating the world we know today. The Enlightenment period was important for developing a sense of rights for all human beings and was fundamental in helping the American and French Revolutions. Every single feature of “the Atlantic World”, good or bad, is important to history. When we neglect to remember these events, we will undoubtedly repeat the past. Slavery is a dark part of the world’s history that impacts many people. Olaudah Equiano was sold into the slave trade at a very young age. He describes the cruel behavior…

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