Essay on The American Of The Civil War

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During the civil war, both the Confederate States of America and the United States of America had female spies. The women that worked as spies came from various different backgrounds. Despite the different backgrounds of each women, they all had some things in common. They were committed, they all held a degree of power during the war, and their fates depended similarly regardless of which side they were apart of. In the rest of this research paper we will be looking at some of the women and their lives before, during and after the civil war and how it impacted them. Belle Boyd, Cleopatra of the Secession, was a spy for the Confederacy during the U.S. civil war. Maria Isabelle (Belle) Boyd was born on May 9, 1844 to a family that had deep roots in the South. Her father was a shopkeeper. Boyd was a strong-willed, high-spirited and a quick-witted lady, characteristics that would really show through during the war. Boyd started out gathering information where she could, an informal spy. People knew her as a flirt, some say that her ‘talent’ helped her extract information from the Union soldiers. Boyd wrote her findings down in letters that her slave helped her with. One of these letters was intercepted and she found herself in trouble with the union, but managed to get off with a warning. Some spies eventually became higher powers in the war. Boyd became a messenger for the Confederate generals. She just started out as a courier, carrying letters and information,…

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