What Is The Incident In The Life Of A Slave Girl

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Incidents In The Life Of a Slave Girl

This book was written by Harriet Jacobs as in autobiography of her life. She takes an audience roll in the book and names the main character Linda Brent. Harriet writes it this way so that if someone were to read it they won’t know it is her. The book was written before the civil war and since she was a slave, she was often fearful for her life. When reading this book there were several things that stood out as to why Harriet Jacobs wrote this book. When she was a young girl she was as happy as most children are, she did not realize she was a slave until 6 years into her life. Her father was a hard working man who did carpentry and traveled great distances to work. She loved her parents and her brother
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She was a happy six year old child who didn’t understand slavery and didn’t know what was right and wrong if you were a slave. There is a change in Linda’s attitude when she realizes she is a slave, she is not happy and wants to get out. The only thing holding her back is her children, she struggles between saving herself and looking after her kids. In hopes to save them she lives in an attic for seven long years to try to free them. Mr. Sand’s says he will free them but then he changes his mind which upsets Linda. She couldn’t make it up North due to several struggles, all the while Mr. Flint is still searching for her. All of these factors play a big part and Harriets attitude towards slavery. She tries so hard to have freedom for her family and herself and she can’t get there because of these obstacles she …show more content…
Just like in today’s society there are always issues arising within the class systems. In this book you see the differences between the White slave owners and the African American slaves, currently you see differences between the higher class and lower class which has caused a new class being created for the ones lower than the lower class. Our current minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, equaling about $15,080 annually. This is a very low income especially for single parents or even families trying to live off this amount of money. Minimum wage jobs are okay for young adults to have a part time job making some money for their spending, but once someone tries to use this kind of job as a full time job to support their family is when there is a problem. Many people don’t consider how this can affect others and families all over the country. A big issue now would be the changing of religions. ISIS has been a big thing in the news lately with all the attacks happening around the world. Recently they had several attacks in Paris, France killing around 130 people in 40 minutes. There were 8 attacks spread out around Paris, 6 attacks ended with several causalities. ISIS is based on religion and in this book there is religion all throughout the story. Next would be sexual harassment, Harriet describes several instances

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