Slavery In Uncle Tom's Cabin, By Harriet Beecher Stowe

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America had a long tradition with slavery. Slavery had a drastic impact on the nation and the way of living within society. The states were highly dependent on it in many aspects. Slavery overall laid the foundation of America. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author communicates to the reader that slavery was a very inhumane act by emphasizing the hardships that the slaves faced, the dangers of escape, and by the use of religious imagery and references.

Stowe shows that slavery is a very evil act by stating the harsh situations that slaves faced because of it. One example, of a harsh situation would be being separated from their loved ones when they were sold to slave owners. For example, Eliza had Harry, his son taken from her (pg. 12), because of a deal that Mr. Shelby did with Haley (pg. 29). Eliza cried bals of tears as she over heard that her son is going to be sold (pg. 12). Her heart shattered, because she's aware that the chances of seeing her son again are very low (pg. 12). The separation of Eliza from her son reflects the cruelty of slavery, for it’s a sinful deed to take from the slaves the only thing they have, their family members. Similarity, at the slave warehouse Emmeline and her mother were separated (pg.224). Emmeline
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Stowe directs her stance on slavery by including difficult situations that slaves because of slavery as it made their life harder. Stowe also includes how slavery caused slaves to face dangers when escaping, in order to liberate themselves from bondage. Lastly, Stowe used religion to emphasize that Christianity allowed individuals to reflect on the fact that slavery is sinful because it didn’t allow slaves to be viewed and loved the same as stated in the bible. Overall Stowe gives readers the appeal that nothing good came from slavery and that it only caused dreadful

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