Why Welding Is Important? Essay

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Welding is important because it helps to hold the world together. Even in a classroom, almost everything is welded together. From podiums, desks, chairs and projector mounts, not having welding would make these things difficult to function in the classroom. Although welding is important, not just anyone can pick up the equipment and start to weld. There are many risks that include flash burns, combustible materials, electrocution and possibly others. Proper safety measures can help to prevent injury or even death. Welding safety is important to future welders because it is a dangerous job with exposure to harmful situations.
It is not difficult to know that safety is needed for welding. With using bright flashes and electrodes that can get over 5,000 degrees fahrenheit, it is easy to recognize that safety is necessary. However, it can be complicated knowing what to weld on and when to weld. To know proper safety, one must know hazards of welding including electric shock, flash burns, combustible materials and airborne gases. It is also important to know proper safety techniques while welding such as what to wear and where to weld. Finally, one must know the different safety measures for MIG, TIG and shielded and arc welding.
Knowing the hazards is the first step to welding safety. Electrical shock can happen if one does not know how the ground works or if sweat gets into the electrode holder (the part of the welding system that looks like pliers and holds the electrode…

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