Analysis Of The Book ' Mama Might Be Better Off Dead ' Essay

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Abraham in Mama Might Be Better Off Dead humanizes the inequalities in quality and health care access that exists between the rich and the poor, through the stories of the Banes family, Mrs. Jackson, and Tommy. Abraham exposes the flaws in our healthcare system; through the experiences of one Chicago family we can see that it all comes down to money equals health. With that in mind, the book paints a ground up picture of how the health care fails to take care of those in most need. Abraham’s central message is “Not only do the poor get sicker but the sicker get poor” (39). With the statement above, Abraham is talking about the vicious cycle that the poor have to live with. Abraham is describing those individuals that fall between the cracks of the system. Abraham focuses a lot on Medicare and Medicaid and how those programs shaped the lives of the poor. Nonetheless, within each program, there are limitations, such that it doesn’t cover medications, transportation and it is hard to find good doctors. The most vulnerable are those stuck in between, those that are too young for Medicare, but too “rich” for Medicaid. As discussed in lecture, the working poor class is the most vulnerable, because they usually have jobs where no insurance is provided, and yet exceed the income requirements to qualify for Medicare (Lecture 1/25/2016). And as a result, these individuals only seek help when they no longer bare the pain, therefore, most often by the time they seek help, they…

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