Describe The Wealth/Health Gradient Illustrated In The Movie Analysis

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1) Describe the wealth/health gradient illustrated in the film. What does it show?
The wealth/health gradient that was illustrated in the film revealed that health behaviors are influenced by economic status; hence, more wealth leads to better health. The film shows that the lower the grade of employment, the higher the risk of heart disease, and every major cause of death. Researchers in the film also assert that death rate and illness correlated to individuals’ socioeconomic status even after unhealthy behaviors were controlled for. Individuals who are not at the top of the health gradient experience worse health in comparison to individuals who are at the top/wealthy. For instance, the film depicts that if a poor person is smoking, he or
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For example, in Mary’s district, there were very little businesses. There were mostly small business primarily fast foods, barbershops, beauty salons, pawnbrokers, nail parlors, check cashing, and liquor stores. Therefore, there was a lack of access to healthy foods, poor quality of housing, and environmental conditions shown throughout the film. Other social determinants also include access to health care services. To illustrate, Mary was afraid of getting a job, because she was afraid of losing her health insurance. In the film, there were also socioeconomic conditions (e.g., concentrated poverty and stressful conditions), and unavailability of community-based resources in support of community living and opportunities for recreational and leisure-time activities. The quality of education or access to education, economic, and lack of job opportunities are also social determinants of health that were seen throughout the …show more content…
This understanding of social determinants of health will influence my work in public health in that while I am working with a community or population these are things I need to consider. This has definitely improved my understanding in that these social determinants of health can influence a person’s well-being and quality of life. This goes to show that not only does individual health behaviors affects their health, but social determinants can also have a tremendous impact on one’s health. This understanding of the social determinants of health has influenced my work in public health in that when am working with a community, I should be open-minded or nonjudgmental because everyone has different experiences even when they live in the same state or district. By understanding social determinants, this will allow me to learn about ways in which I can improve the different components of social determinants and health

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