Analysis Of Mama Might Be Better Off Dead

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‘Mama Might Be Better Off Dead’ book highlights the intrigues of Jackie Banks and her family in a bid to maintain good health. In this case, Banks’ granny’s leg is already amputated. The amputation was occasioned by diabetes. The family realizes that the granny’s situation could have been different had she been treated in advance. The problem is now exacerbated by the remaining led getting bad. Additionally, Banks’ father also suffers from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, he did not bother to adhere to doctor’s directives. He had a stroke when he was in his 40’s. Moreover, Banks’ husband is also not spared either because he suffers from kidney failure.
The case of Banks’ husband is also a problem, which could have been prevented
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In this regard, the family was hard-pressed to obtain funds for the service. The failure to obtain funds for psychological service led to Cora Jackson’s serious depression. Robert’s children, Latrice, Demarest and Brianna also get ill. The healthcare service delivery in the Illinois medical center was subject to delay and negligence. Jackie tried her best to take care of her grandmother, Cora, without any financial and emotional support from medics. The situation is tense, and Jackie is not updated by the doctors attending to her granny pertaining to needed medical care.
The doctors remain mum while granny’s situation deteriorates and eventually dies. The Illinois medical Centre had an accomplished psychiatric program, which was denied to Cora (Abraham, 2013). The granny was also denied full dosage of antidepressants by the hospital’s psychiatrist. Such a breach of medical prescriptions was not even followed up. The book illustrates the subjective nature of the hospital’s service delivery.
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A real review of the healthcare system generates a well-known type of strategy trade scorn for the other side and help that one 's particular position is the right reply. Gatherings of people are informed that there will be challenges, obviously, yet with political will and a smidgen of good fortunes, the country can pick the course and move toward the attractive situation, lower newborn child mortality, better instruction, more successful protection, and all the more promptly accessible medications. The supply of American issues is by definition

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