Essay on Children Should Be Abused Foster Children

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Not every child is fortunate to be raised by their own blood and by a loving family, like most have. Most children take their parents for granite and don’t realize what other children have to go through just to call someone their parent. Children who aren’t fortunate end up in the system and placed in foster care. Imagine the life in the shoes of a foster child; these children don’t only face the absence of their parent but suffer from placements of unfit homes. Within these unfit homes children suffer not only physically but emotionally. The reason for children being placed within these foster homes are because they are neglected, abused, and abandon by their parents at home. These foster children aren’t born in loving homes. They are taken from one abusive environment to the another. The government is the one to blame for this issue. It is not too late to help a foster child; therefore, the government should relocate abused foster children, with the proper regulations, so they can avoid the issues of sexual, physical, and mental abuse. In America, child abuse is the third leading cause of death for young children under four. Sadly, about five children in America die from a result of child abuse. Infants take up 25% of foster homes. Many children face continues placements, which 38% of children are placed in more than 5 foster homes ("Foster Care Facts | Promises2kids"). Children who are placed within foster homes are usually separated from their siblings. These…

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