A Doll 's House : The Inferiority Of Women Essay

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In many of Ibsen 's works, the inferiority of women in a male dominating society is often evident. Specifically, in A Doll’s House, it deals with the difficulty of maintaining an individual identity in a society where females are often told who to be and how to think.In this play, the effect of the oppressions of society on one 's action can often be seen as a recurring theme throughout, we can see this in the feminine personality of the protagonist of the play, Nora, who struggles to find herself within the confines of the stereotyped social role of a women in that period of time. She struggles to become a self-motivated individual in a time where men controlled most of everything.

In, the play Nora’s marriage is seemingly happy on the outside. She and Torvald constantly put on a facade that everything is perfect and to an onlooker it seems as though she has everything she could possibly want, Torvald has a new job that pays a very good wage, and she is married with three kids. Nevertheless, In Nora and Torvald 's first years of marriage, Torvald became very ill and they had to make an expensive move to Italy in order to provide a more appropriate environment for Torvald to recover much more quickly in. This did not come at a cheap cost,, so as a result Nora was faced with the problem of needing extra money to save her husband 's life. Her husband made no secret of his disagreement of taking out loans, and in her society, it was illegal for women to even…

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