Essay on The Axis Powers During World War Two

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The axis powers took on too much in World War Two. There are several factors, which contributed in the defeat of the axis powers and many historical ideas and information, which need to be considered. The axis powers were the countries that fought against the allied powers. The axis powers agreed in fighting the allied powers together, although they did not have a proper alliance, nor completely coordinate their activity. The axis powers were led by Germany, Italy, and Japan and also included Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Yugoslavia. The main causes of the defeat of the axis include Nazis alliance with fascist Italy, Italy’s invasion on Greece, and Germany’s invasion on Russia and Japans attack on Pearl Harbour. These acts were all above the axis’ powers capabilities and were poor decisions made by the nations for alliances or acts of nationalism.
Nazi Germany’s alliance with fascist Italy may have been the first crucial mistake made by Germany, which affected the axis powers. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy made an alliance in 1939 known as the “Pact of Steel” which was a military and political alliance. The alliance was made when a tripartite alliance between Germany, Japan and Italy could not agree on a common enemy. Japan wanted to focus its attention on the Soviet Union while Germany and Italy wanted to focus on Britain and France. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy had a common enemy (France and Britain) so they agreed on forming an alliance. The Pact of Steel became a…

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