Dbq Pearl Harbor Essay

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How did the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 turn the tide against the Japanese during World War 2?
Michaella Grove
Grade 9.1

The Second World War was fought between alliances. The Axis Powers were formed by Germany, Italy and Japan. The Allied Powers were formed by France, led by Britain and only after Pearl Harbour in 1491, joined by America. WW2 took place due to Hitler’s refusal to comply with the terms set by the Treaty of Versailles; more specifically, Hitler invaded Poland and Britain and France were honour bound to protect her. WW2 bought about major leaps in technology (source D) and many more revolutionary ideals and ideas. It was one by the Allies. A turning point in this war, as well as a major contributor to the allied win was the entrance of the U.S into the war on the allied side. The U.S joined the war because of the Japanese attack on the American naval fleet anchored at Hawaii, Pearl harbour. This was a turning point in both aspects. Japan did buy themselves the time and space they needed to invade South-East Asia, but they also ‘Awoke a sleeping giant’ (source F) and gave America the perfect opportunity to enter the war, which would result in Japans eventual downfall.

Why was the attack planned?
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However, America was watchful of Japanese aggression and slowly withdrew themselves from trade with Japan. After Japan formally joined the axis alliance, it was clear that American sympathy lay with the allies. Japan needed a permanent alternative (source B). They needed a mechanism (source B). They found that mechanism in the attack on Pearl Harbour. The attack was planned in the hopes too buy them the time and space needed to invade South-East Asia, without too much interference from America, it did. The Japanese also thought that after the devastation of the assault, America would sue for peace, they did

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