Pearl Harbor Attack Essay

On December 7, 1941 Japanese aircraft attacked by surprise the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, where the fleet of American Pacific war was concentrated.
Warships anchored in the harbor were easy targets for approximately 360 Japanese warplanes involved in the attack. The Americans suffered 3,400 casualties with 2,300 deaths. The attack badly damaged the US naval and air power in the Pacific.

However, this attack galvanized the American people and Roosevelt got the next day, December 8, 1941, Congress approved the declaration of war against Japan.

The lack of foresight of the military authorities before a possible attack provoked harsh criticism at the time. And even some historians have suggested that Roosevelt knew about the attack
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The United States was enraged by the attack and because they had not received notification of breaking previous relations, considering both actions as treasonous. Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the declaration of war on the same day, referring to the former as a date which will live in infamy when addressing the joint session of United States Congress. In the United States began to hear criticism from some quarters for the continuous military reverses. The Governor of Virginia began to criticize the Federal Government for the null responsiveness of its forces in the Pacific. A few days later, the governors of Georgia and South Carolina did the same. Roosevelt feared a motion of censure, so he decided a gamble: the bombing of Tokyo by Jimmy Doolittle. Fletcher aircraft carriers Lexington and Hornet, the latter with B-25 bombers, bombed Tokyo, Yokosuka and Nagoya to stifle criticism. The operation was a success propaganda, but damage hardly influenced the Japanese war production. Another aspect that caused the fall of the bombs on Japan was the resolution of Yamamoto to annihilate the US aircraft carriers. Roosevelt knew that this gesture to the gallery was endorsed with a victory of arms and pushed straight to Nimitz to attack in the Sea of …show more content…
From overnight united Americans against Japan and probably made possible the position of unconditional surrender taken by Allied Forces. Relations between the United States and Japan had deteriorated rapidly during the last time. When Roosevelt imposed an embargo on exports to Japan of critical materials, the worst was expected. To the extent that the embargo became tougher, the Japanese had desperate more, feeling his rightful place in the world was in judge. why some historians believe that the attack on Pearl Harbor condemned the Empire of Japan the defeat since woke up to the sleeping giant because, regardless of the fuel tanks or shipyards have been destroyed, or that the carriers had been surprised in port and sunk, the industrial capacity of the United States, a once mobilized, he was able to provide lots of resources on stages both the Pacific and the Atlantic. The perception of the treacherous nature of the attack on Pearl Harbor also woke up fears of sabotage or espionage about the Americans of Japanese ancestry and was a factor in the subsequent confinement of the Japanese in the United

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