Analysis Of The Book ' The Ultimate Decision ' Essay

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“The Ultimate Decision” Kathrine, a young girl of nine, sat buried in her closet listening to her parent’s screams. She was crying. She thought back to a mere three hours earlier when she had been at school, sharing her toys with a little boy of which she did not know the name of. The new student had been crouching in the corner until Kathrine had approached him and asked if they could play together. Listening to her parents fight, she wanted nothing more than to yell at that boy. She wanted to make him feel as belittled as her parents made her feel. So the next day, that’s exactly what Kathrine did, along with the day after and so on and so forth. A bully was brought out of Kathrine due to her parent’s constant bickering. She changed who she was in order to keep the feeling of being in control when she could have easily gone about her difficulties in a different manner. In his memoir Night, Elie Wiesel recalls the part of his childhood that he spent in Auschwitz. He witnessed the loss of humanity and the terrible treatment the Jews received and also that of which they gave each other in order to feel somewhat in control. Wiesel watched as the people he once knew morphed into someone else due to their personal will to survive. Through the characters he chooses to include in full detail, Wiesel establishes that all human beings make a “for better or for worse” decision while adapting to traumatic events. By including only the characters he felt were most significant to…

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