Essay about The Importance Of Reading And Their Power Of Reading

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The pleasures and the power of reading are many and varied and from the time human beings have learnt to etch a line on any surface, the art of reading has taken root and for the most part become integral to society. Reading provides to its consumer the power of education and knowledge and even as this is one of the most important aspects of the knowledge oriented society of modern times, the importance of reading and its power in achieving social status was seen especially in the mediaeval period. Reading and books were for the most part confined to the powerful elite and religious institutions, where monks and adults engaged in reading the Scriptures and other allied materials. Reading was considered one of the most important part of religious practices since Church fathers and elders were called upon to lead the congregation in prayer by reading the Latin texts. The role of reading in the medieval period was extremely integral to success and prestige across all walks of life and it would not be wrong to say that people who knew how to read could enjoy the greatest of rewards. The inextricable connection between the written word and the Christian religion had been established from the time the faith took root in society, with the Book being the repository of the word of God. Christianity, by its very nature is a religion that is based on written texts and an Islamic texts often refer to Christians and Jews also as People of the Book, thus reiterating their deep connection…

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