Similarities Between Modern And Modern Worldview

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In medieval times, religion was at the center of daily life of all individuals. The Christian Church formulated a purpose of life and death and preached these ideas. God was at the top in a place known as paradise or heaven, in between lie Earth, and beneath a fearful place of existence known as hell. In contrast, the modern worldview is shaped by human intellect and nature. Original sin was a concept imbedded in medieval minds and in modern times is a concept left only to believers. With religion at its foundation, medieval worldview was sculpted by the teachings of Christianity, whereas the modern worldview focuses on scientific evidence and conducting civil policies without a religious element. The medieval worldview concentrates on the idea that the universe was set up as a hierarchy with God being at the top. The Christian Church focused on the …show more content…
The modern view looks to science to explain events. The modern view believes that nature is a system of mathematics that operates without miracles or any divine intervention. The modern worldview rejects the medieval view of how the universe is divided having a perfected heavenly world alongside a lower earthly world. The advances in science and technology has fostered the transformation from Christianity being at the center of life to becoming of little importance. The modern world has explained through science a myriad of ideas and finds it not suitable to reject these findings on the basis of Church miracles and revelations. The modern worldview see little proof in the stories explained in the Bible and find no reason to use those stories to base politics, law, and economics off of religion. The modern worldview uses the concept of secularism to conduct society leaving the religious element out of the equation and giving human beings the choice to believe in any religion they feel fits

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