The Printing Press In The Renaissance

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2. Defend the following statement: The printing press ultimately changed human society in many ways starting in the Renaissance.

The Renaissance was a period of rebirth in Europe, and it was a period of inventions as well. One of the most important inventions that changed Europe and the entire world was the printing press created by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1440’s. The printing press allowed the production of much more books, so much more people was able to get them. In order to print the books or documents, the printers had to use paper, so the printing press also helped to the production of more paper “in everyday life people increasingly used paper for their account books, records, and private documents” (Kidner, 352) and this would
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Many more people were learning how to read and those whom already knew how to do it were improving their skills. “As the print culture expanded, reliance on memory and recitation diminished. The very way people thought and learned and remembered was changing” (Kidner, 353) all these changes would make people’s lives better. People were exploring other ideas and topics, they were getting more knowledge; therefore, many people were becoming more cultured in this time in history. The printing press allowed economy to increase by using paper, and producing millions of books, but not only the profitable part was beneting this period, the culture and education side was also improving since more people were becoming more educated by learning and studying about important subjects that were not taught …show more content…
People were starting to experience new and different ideas, they were starting to see the world in a distinct manner, and some of these people, such as scholars, were thinking beyond the simple and normal way, they “became interested in exploring the question of what it meant to be human” (Kidner, 340) all of them analyzed Christian books, but not in a religious way, they analyzed the literary level that these works possessed, they had a huge “interest in language and technical aspects of literature” (Kidner, 340) and for that reason all the analyses that they did led them to make critics about the way Scholastic thinkers wrote their works since they did not “pay closer attention to grammar and vocabulary in their interpretation of biblical texts” (Kidner, 340) all these critics would lead to a whole new way of thinking and since they focused and analyzed how these humans worked, they were called humanists, they concentrate in the study of humanity, the study of what it means to be human (Kidner, 340) a whole new wave of these people would began to attract people because of what they were focusing

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