Essay about The First Video About The Housing Discrimination

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According to Michelle Alexander, “All human beings are created equally and have certain inalienable rights. It won’t die. This idea has continued to survive; it has continued to grow. We see now in the United States that we do believe that women are equal. We have an idea that people of all races are created equal. We are now beginning to see that regardless of your sexual orientation, you are equal. This idea itself has not died.” The quote provided represents the significance of how much the United States has changed in regards to discrimination.
The first video about the housing discrimination definitely shocked me. I am aware that discrimination exists in many forms, but I did not think it would even occur with such a minor issue like housing. I am completely surprised with the fact that White people are shown more housing options and are treated as a priority rather than African Americans. What makes it more interesting is that all other external factors were equal, except race, and yet, African Americans still experienced discrimination.
The next video was exceedingly impactful with the commentary Michelle Alexander gave on incarceration discrimination. Again, I was shocked by the video because it completely did not even go through my mind that even criminals experience discrimination. At first, I did agree and had a personal belief that those who are free from prison should not get the same privileges as the rest of society. However, Michelle Alexander touched on a…

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