Princess Javon 's Emotional Roller Coaster Life Essay

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Princess Javon’s Emotional Roller Coaster Life

Growing up in Hawthorne Inglewood California the neighborhoods were rough, always loud. The neighborhood was full of small houses and apartments. The apartments were very dull; it was “lacking interest lacking brightness, vividness, and sheen.” Everywhere I walked I would see a lot of women with low top shirts and skirts smoking crake. Me being so young I did not comprehend what was going on. I would go outside almost every day to play ball with my brothers and hear a lot of fighting gunshots to the head. Oh boy who would have thought growing up in California I would experience seeing stuff so gang banging and hood like. Besides all of that the people in my family would describe me as a very quiet person. I would hide in my room not talk to anyone. I was always the shy one in the family. I never discussed out how felt towards my family and to anyone else. My sisters would always find me as an outcast because I never liked being around so many people. I did not like to engage in any conversations when we went to hang out with different family members. There had been a time were people would ask me to go places with them and I would say no because I never knew how to open up and communicate clearly.
Growing up in California I lived with a big huge family. I was the youngest of some. I was not close to any of them. I could not tell them my deepest secrets. I would always be alone by myself always thinking about basketball…

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